Summer Radio


Summer Radio

Radio and Summer go together like BBQ s and Beers. Sunny days and long summer nights mean that people are out and about more - radio is the perfect media for taking advantage of this:

  • Radio reaches summer consumers where and when other media cannot.

  • Radio reaches NZ's super-sized Summer populations allowing advertisers to buy provinces and receive metropolitan-sized audiences, whilst national & Metro advertisers reach tourist-swelled audiences at no extra cost.

  • Radio's flexibility allows advertisers to tailor duration, regional breakouts and target different Summer markets simultaneously via multiple creative treatments.

  • Above all, Summer Radio has real consumer appeal - with Summer sponsorship's, promotions and sampling providing the most interactive, versatile and exciting ways to really reach out to consumers. 

Check out our Summer Radio presentation, or watch our Summer Radio video for ideas on how to get the most out of radio this summer!

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Summer Radio