About C95FM

Coromandel’s peninsula wide, 100% locally owned & operated radio station! Listen on 94.0 West Coast & 95.1 East Coast. 24/7 programming made for & by locals- supporting the growth of our communities, we just love our version of 'Pure Peninsula Radio'!


  • The station targets the 30+ audience
  • This is the prime market for most major purchase decisions
  • Our programmes feature music that most of us grew up listening to – anthem songs, local, national and international news, sport and weather
  • We are a part of the community
  • The Coromandel has a permanent population of around 28,000
  • This can peak to around 147,000 over Christmas (31 December)
  • 500,000 people on average visit Coromandel between 22 December and 9 January each year. 212,000 from Auckland and 109,000 overseas visitors
  • C95FM is focussed on providing a service to the permanent residents and visitors