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Bluebird Maxx

NZME - Radio Hauraki


The Objectives

• Get Bluebird Maxx into as many hands as possible
• Target the key demo (males 20-44)
• Deliver all copy pointers to the best of your abilities
• Generate great feedback and stats for Bluebird in the form of consumer feedback, consumer interaction numbers and AWESOME photos. 

The Solution

Hauraki Breakfast with Matt, Jeremy & Laura looked into bringing a new sport to life…a sport that’s just one up on the original. Along with Bluebird Maxx, Matt & Jeremy will throw out some options on how to improve a current Kiwi sport with the ultimate one up/mash up.

We also suggested sampling the chips in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch outside Super 15 Rugby games to reach our target audience. 

The Results

• Total Video Views (cricket, tennis and rugby) 10,387
• Competition page unique views 1,344
• Average time site on page 3:35
• Breakfast show page unique views 2,417
• Total click through rate 0.7% 


Total video views


Average time on page
on website