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Mobil - Kick for Cash

NZME - The Hits

The Objectives

  • Get as many people into the activation area as possible
  • Communicate to all people the chance to win a chance to Kick for a share of $300,000 – all thanks to Mobil
  • Get people kicking with the rugby goal posts
  • Engage with all audiences 

The Solution

We recommended a nationwide tour taking with us a miniature goal post for listeners to practice their kicking skills should they win the Mobil Kick for Cash! This was hugely effective with almost 3,500 people attempting to kick.

Regional on-air announcer also gave away vouchers to put people in the draw for the Kick for Cash which were greatly received. 

The Results

  • 7,906 Facebook reach for all posts
  • 91 Facebook likes and 40 Facebook comments
  • 886 What’s On/ Win webpage views
  • At the 27 activations the teams engaged with 4,500 people, they convinced 3,450 people to kick and gave away 417 petrol vouchers.

Facebook reach for all posts


Webpage views