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Noel Leeming

Noel Leeming - Pass the Pressie

MediaWorks - More FM


The Challenge:

Noel Leeming operate in the highly competitive home appliance and electronics industry. They wanted to run a campaign for their 44th Birthday to show their customers how much they appreciate them and their loyalty.

The Objective:

  • Create a heart-felt campaign that shows Noel Leeming customers how much the brand cares about them
  • Communicate the fact that Noel Leeming have been helping their customers for 44 years

The Strategy

An emotive activation run by More FM talent where people around Christchurch got to choose whether they pass or keep the parcel. If they choose to pass it on, they were rewarded for their kindness and the person they chose to pass the pressie onto also gets the option to pass or keep the pressie. As well as a national on-air promotion with prizes from Noel Leeming to win and a homepage takeover and prerolls on the More FM website.

The Results

The result was a heart-felt video which displayed the kindness of others who chose to gift amazing prizes on to other people instead to make their day. 

The on-air promotion was incredibly popular with huge engagement from the More FM audience.


video views on Facebook


calls/entries each time the cue was annouced


impressions on the homepage prerolls and homepage takeover