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The Rock 1500

MediaWorks - The Rock


The Challenge

Hart Hand Tools are in a highly competitive market where tradespeople stick to the brands they know and trust. Hart wanted to be recognised as a leading brand promoting themselves to The Rock audience.

The Objective

The objective was to promote Hart Hand Tools as a sponsor of the “world famous” countdown and gain brand awareness amongst their target audience.


The team at The Rock worked closely with Hart Hand Tools to integrate the brand across all platforms at every stage of the promotion. This started with an announcement week to build up the hype for the countdown on social media, The Rock Website, on-air and on TV.

Next was the voting phase which was dominated by announcer liners, social posts, EDM’s and local adlibs to get as many listeners engaging with the voting forms as possible. The Rock Roadies were also out and about across 22 regions in the country, bringing HART Hand Tools voting pads to the masses to gather votes from listeners. They visited over 950 local businesses and ran 13 barbecues. The final numbers were astronomical with over 650,000 individual votes at the final count up, making it a record year.

The third phase of The Rock 1500 was the crown jewel of the campaign, giving listeners what they were waiting for all year - a full length and comprehensive countdown of 1,500 songs played out between the 9-5 workday as voted for by the people (and brought to you by HART Hand Tools). With such a huge amount of passion and investment from The Rock listeners – there was an increase in engagement, digital listenership and reach across all platforms as the countdown grew closer to the number one song for 2018.

The Results

It was a record year for the annual promotion with over 650,000 individual votes and audio streams of the countdown up 27% from 2017.

The Rock’s main streaming channel received 263,792 streams over the countdown period, overtaking last years’ numbers and boasting an average of 5.8 streams per user over that time. In total, all three channels received a massive 309,485 streams during the full countdown period.

Out of the 22 partnered Facebook posts, 15 partnered Instagram posts and 11 partnered Instagram Stories, HART and The Rock achieved over 1.3 Million combined impressions, more than 75 thousand engagements and accumulated over 150 Thousand video views making 2018 another record year for the annual promotion, whilst increasing the brand awareness for Hart Hand Tools.


individual votes at the final count up

1.3 million




streams during the

full countdown