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ZM Fugative


The Challenge 

Nokia operate in the highly competitive smartphone market which is dominated by two key players - Apple and Samsung. Nokia wanted to launch their new smartphone and increase their market share when it comes to mobile devices. 

The Strategy 

The ZM Fugitive travelled NZ with 85 bounty hours and gave away over $60,000 in cash. Bounties started at 7:30am, 11:30am and 4:30pm with clues release on air and on social channels. Listeners then had 60 minutes to capture the ZM fugitive on the streets. The new range of Nokia smart phones were integrated with the iconic ringtone used every hour to giveaway opportunities, live crediting and product placement plus every Friday the ZM fugitive was guaranteed to visit a Spark store.

A custom-built microsite was created for listeners to drop pins online to capture the ZM Fugitive even when they weren’t in the same town. Exclusive clues were shared with a Spark customer database created on the microsite and via Spark Snapchat. On-air, online and on the streets, the ZM Fugitive powered by Spark dominated the station delivering total coverage for the launch if the range of new Nokia Smartphones, exclusively on Spark. 

The Results

The Nokia 3310 handset ended up becoming the number two top selling handset during the course of the campaign. 

Created content with Spark inclusion reached over a million people on Facebook with over half a million video views. A community of super fans was born. Over 9,000 followers joined the ZM Fugitive on a specially created Snapchat account. And at every bounty over 11,000 highly engaged members deciphered clues on the ZM Fugitive Facebook group.


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