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The hottest hits, the biggest shows- it's on ZM. More than a radio station, ZM engages audiences on-air, online, through social media and on the streets - ZM is a powerful brand with endless opportunities.


Our audiences are early adopters with disposable income, these listeners are sociable and open minded and love to spend - mostly on overpriced avocado on toast.

  • 260,400 millennials (all people 18-34)
  • 226,400 household shoppers
  • 124,900 young guns (males 18-39)

Online audience:

  • 68,513 people tune into ZM on iHeartRadio per month


  • Fletch, Vaughan & Megan: 6am-10am - Start your day right, with guaranteed LOLs
  • Jam Packed Workday will Bel: 10am-3pm - Bel adds a bit of spice into your workday & hosts ZM's Friday Jams
  • Bree & Clint: 3pm-7pm - Entertaining your earholes with embarrassingly raw and relatable cha
  • Snapchart with Cam: 7pm-12am - World's first interactive music chart based entirely on listener's snaps
  • Jase & PJ: 6am-9am Sat/Sun - Always awkward, a whole lotta laughs and a sprinkle of cringe

SOURCES: GfK Radio Audience Measurement, Commercial Radio Stations, Total New Zealand Survey 4 2018 (NB: Waikato Survey 3 2017), All 10+, Mon-Sun 12mn-12mn
Nielsen Market Intelligence
October 2018 Desktop + mobile impressions
AdWizz, StreamGuys 2017-2018
Facebook Analytics Last 28 days from 27/11/2018


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