NZME Adlets are pre-recorded adverts reaching consumers in an innovative, emotive and surprising way. 

Adlets play between sport and weather nationally across 7 NZME Stations (NTZB, ZM, Sport, Hauraki, The Hits, Coast, Flava).

Play Weekdays 6am-10pm and weekends hourly from 6am-8pm

•5-8 seconds in length.


•Played between the sport and weather

•Played Monday to Friday 6am –10pm and Weekends hourly from 6am –8pm

•Sold in modules of 23 credits


The client must provide credits (approximately 20 words) 2 days prior to the on air date.

TRB will liaise with the stations/host to vet the copy and approve the script.


NZME stations


credit modules - packages