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Who was the Grand ORCA winner for 2019?

The Grand Orca winner of 2019 is...

Grand ORCA Winner


David Shirley & Melina Fiolitakis

David and Melina's campaign for Health Promotion Agency was commended by the judges for it's strong, clear message delivered in an innovative way.

Grand ORCA Winner

Department of Lost Nights

The culture of binge-drinking in New Zealand is disproportionately driven by 18-24-year-olds. They see getting drunk as a gateway to an epic night out. But, if you’re so drunk, you’re not present and don’t remember it, was it really that epic? To play on the FOMO of not remembering your night, FCB created a series of ads that initially sound like someone telling their mates about a crazy night out. However, you soon discover their story has been jarringly cut apart and redacted – another memory repo, courtesy of the Department of Lost Nights.

People's Choice Award


David Shirley & Melina Fiolitakis

With over 300 individual votes, David and Melina scored a majority of the votes for their "Swimming Jeans" radio ad that was a part of their "Swim Reaper" campaign for Water Safety New Zealand

People's Choice Award

The Swim Reaper

The Swim Reaper campaign targeted 15-24-year-old Kiwis – a group who make up more than one-third of drownings. The reason? They love taking dumb risks. They also hate being told what to do, so FCB's strategy wasn’t to dispense safety advice. Instead, they ironically dispensed drowning advice. To that end, they came up with a series of radio ads, pretending to sell real products aimed at helping you drown. In this radio ad from the campaign, the Swim Reaper encourages young New Zealanders to don “Swimming Jeans – the last pair of trunks you’ll ever wear.

And the 2019 ORCA Finalists

Our other four finalists produced some exceptional radio creative for their clients

Rob Jack & Phil Parsonage

Bus Lanes - Auckland Transport

The judges commented that this radio creative was very original in its approach and style of the creative idea.


Matt Williams & Freddie Coltart

Rips - Water Safety New Zealand

The comments made by our judges about this advertisement was that it has a crystal clear message without being gimmicky or contrived.


Rebecca Sharp & Matthew Aitken

Intersections - Auckland Transport

The judges commented that this ad was excellent use of the radio medium whilst creating impact and relevancy for the client

In this campaign, the objective was to bring awareness to the dangers of unfocused driving at Auckland intersections. The idea was based on the insight that external distractions aren’t the only distractions that cause crashes and all too often it’s our own thoughts that are at play. For radio Ogilvy decided to use the familiar voice of Google Maps to show the insidious nature of becoming lost in thought while driving.

Clemenger BBDO

JP Twaalfhoven & Steve Hansen

That time John Key Didn't - Hawke's Bay Regional Council

The excellent story-telling with this radio script was a highlight for the judges with this particular advertisement.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council had had a recent spike in train and vehicle collisions. We needed a smart way to remind seasoned rural drivers of a seemingly simple action: to look right, then left. Simple, but something they’ve heard many times before”, say Clemenger BBDO Creatives, Steve Hansen and JP Twaalfhoven. “Radio let us get to drivers in an engaging way, in the moment. With some immersive stories that relook at familiar pop-culture moments through a humourous new lens. And when else do you get to wrap a socially-awkward prime minister, a disgraced internet tycoon and a couple of shame-faced sports stars all into one campaign?

To the judges, entrants & voters

We couldn't have done it without you!

A huge thank you to our judges - Luke Farmer (BC&F), Lisa Fedyszyn (Ogilvy), Kim Pick (VLMY&R) and Trevor Plant (AUT) for your time and expertise.

Thank you to everyone to everyone who submitted a vote for the People's Choice Award and most of all thank you to everyone who submitted an entry this year. The amount of effort and creativity you have put into you work for your clients is exceptional!

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