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Following discussions around the current NZTA drink-driving campaign ‘Know when to go’, the feeling was this would work really well as a parody piece.

Firstly Jono and Ben at Ten were approached to produce a parody. This was created in their unique style as part of their show.

Then discussions were had with The Rock and in particular Rog and Bryce from the Morning Rumble Breakfast show. As luck would have it, they were heading to Rarotonga for a work trip and therefore we were able to use the film crew (Rubberneck) that were already following them to create a parody.

Why NZTA chose radio

  • Rog and Bryce were the perfect talent. Their show was the number one stations for males 20-40 in the country 
  • As the listeners view the announcers as their mates, the message was well and truly conveyed effectively as these two have a major influence over this target.

The Strategy

The Rock took this branded content piece and created a multi-platform campaign with their version of ‘Know When To Go’.

The campaign was tied in to run when the TVC was on air during the same month so as to maximise the impact.

The launch followed a series of outputs constructed as if there were very natural. This included on-air adlibs, an EDM, videos posted to The Rock websit and social media as well as social media posts on the talents' platforms. 

The Rock offered private social media posts for the first time ever. This was due to the unique nature of such a strong content piece that the DJ’s actually wanted to push. 

The Results

The announcers and the station really got behind the campaign and brought into sharing the message where-ever possible. 

The Parody itself is a very clever piece of content that helped increase awareness around responsible drinking at a peak time with the festive season of after work drinks. 


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