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About Gold

From The Beatles to Bowie, The Stones to Springsteen, Prince to The Police and thousands more, Gold plays your favourite artists and all their greatest hits.

Gold is broadcast on a combination of FM and AM frequencies, with the AM frequencies featuring specialised country programming.


Your Gold audience are 45+ and predominantly male. They're business owners, key decision makers and busy working. This is a highly engaged audience that like to be informed.

Programming (AM):

  • The Country Sport Breakfast with Lee Piper - Weekdays 6am-9am
  • The Country with Jamie MacKay - Weekdays 12pm-1pm

Programming (FM):

  • The Andrew Dickens Show - Weekdays 6am-9am
  • The Robert Taylor Show - Weekdays 3pm-7pm

*Gold / Mix includes a combination of Gold and Mix for Auckland: Sun Feb 2 to Sat Mar 28 2020, Wellington & Christchurch: Sun Jan 19 to Sat Mar 28 2020, Northland & Tauranga: Sun Jun 16 to Sat Nov 2 2019 & Sun Feb 2 to Sat Mar 28 2020 and Nelson: Sun Jun 16 to Sat Nov 2 2019 & Sun Jan 19 to Sat Mar 28 2020


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