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Hokonui keeps the farming community up to date with the latest in news, interviews and all your favourite music tunes from the 70's to today.

Hokonui targets the biggest economic driver in New Zealand, the rural community. Hokonui listeners are usually self-employed in a rural setting.


Hokonui listeners are the CEOs you never see - they don't often wear a suit to work, they're very seldom found at a fancy restaurant, and you're not likely to find them at the boardroom table. For these hard-working Hokonui listeners the focus is the farm, the hours are long and a day off is somewhere far off on the horizon. That's because the farm is their home, their livelihood, their investment and their legacy, and it's the focus of their finances too.


  • Breakfast Ashburton Luke Howden 6am-10am
  • Breakfast Southland Kirstin Chittock 6am-10am
  • The Country with Jamie MacKay 12pm-1pm
  • The Muster with Andy Muir 1pm-2pm
  • Afternoons with Peter Mac 2pm-6pm

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