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About Hokonui

Hokonui keeps the farming community up to date with the latest in news, interviews and all your favourite music tunes from the 70's to today.

Hokonui targets the biggest economic driver in New Zealand, the rural community. Hokonui listeners are usually self-employed in a rural setting.


The Hokonui consumer is a rural Southlander, who enjoys spending time with their family. The more mature Hokonui listener is a major purchaser of big ticket items, they love to travel and are focused on building better lifestyles for themselves and their families. They have high discretionary incomes and love to spend it. The younger Hokonui listener is building their lifestyle, normally with a mortgage they are purchasers of household products, new vehicles and other big ticket items.


  • Breakfast Southland with Luke Howden: 6am-10am
  • Breakfast Ashburton with Phill Hooper: 6am-10am
  • The Muster - Otago Southland with Andy Thompson: 1pm-2pm
  • The Country with Jamie Mackay: 12pm-1pm
  • Afternoons with Peter Mac: 2pm-6pm

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