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About Life FM

A vibrant, cutting edge radio network, Life fm plays the best Christian alternative, pop, rock and urban music all day, every day. Life fm is unique - it is positive, inspiring, radical and relevant; offering hope and encouragement to listeners through music and other programming.

Station Audience:

Station Format: Christian Alternative, Pop, Rock & Urban Music
Target Audience: 18-39 years


Weekdays 6am-10am - Morning Wake-up with Leanna, Bjorn and Josh
Weekdays 10am-2pm - Days with Eloise
Weekdays 2pm-7pm - Drive with Sherryn
Weekdays 7pm-12am - Nights with Charlie

Saturday 6am-10am - Mornings with Bjorn
Saturday 10am-2pm - Mornings with Sherryn
Saturday 2pm-7pm - Afternoons with Josh
Saturday 7pm-12am - Nights with Eloise
Sunday 6am-10am - The River with Holly
Sunday 10am-2pm - Days with Joy
Sunday 2pm-7pm - Afternoons with Josh B
Sunday 7pm-12am - Nights with Charlie



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