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About Magic

Where music and talk meet to create Magic. Targeting Kiwis who have more time for living life, All People 45+.


Magic listeners enjoy the diverse content the station provides. From current affairs to the music they know and love from their youth, this is the station that keeps them informed and entertained. They are successful, motivated and switched on.


Music Line-up

  • Magic in the Morning with Mark Leishman & Geoff Bryan: Weekdays 6am-10am
  • Magic Workday with Mark Smith: Weekdays 10am-2pm
  • Magic Drive with Murray Lindsay: Weekdays 2pm to 7pm
  • Magic Nights with Bob Gentil: Weekdays 7pm to 12am

Talk Line-up

  • The AM Show - Weekdays 6am-10am
  • Mornings with Peter Williams - Weekdays 9am-12pm
  • Afternoons with Danny Watson and Leah Panapa - Weekdays 12pm-3pm
  • Drive with Ryan Bridge - Weekdays 3pm-6pm
  • Nights with Graeme Hill - Weekdays 7pm-11pm
  • Overnights with Tony Amos - Weekdays 12am-6am

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