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About Rhema

Rhema offers insights on current issues and sound advice on parenting and relationships. It plays the best Christian contemporary music from New Zealand and around the world, inspirational programmes as well as up-to-the-minute news and weather information.

Station Audience

Station Format: Christian Contemporary Music, Talk & Teaching Programmes
Target Audience: 30-54 years


Weekdays 6am-10am - Morning Wake-up with Leanna, Bjorn and Josh
Weekdays 10am-1pm - Days with Andrew and Di
Weekdays 1pm-3pm - Mid-afternoons with Nerida
Weekdays 3pm-7pm - Drive with Tom & Joy
Weekdays 7pm-12am - Nights with Nerida

Saturday 6am-12pm - Mornings with Tom
Saturday 12pm-6pm - Days with Andrew
Sunday 6am-12pm - Mornings with Nerida
Sunday 12pm-6pm - Days with Rosemary
Saturday & Sunday 6pm-12am - Nights with Jon E Clist

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