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Book Depository

If You're Into It, We Have a Book On It



Book Depository is an international online bookstore offering over 20 million books with free delivery to New Zealand. However, they faced a pretty pressing business challenge - a large number of Kiwi book lovers either didn’t know about them or hadn’t given their services a try.


The goal of the campaign was to gain brand awareness and introduce new book lovers to their proposition - free delivery on 20 million books. They also offered new customers an incentive to try their services through a 10% discount voucher on all books.


Their research and insights uncovered that 76% of their target audience (made up of 30-50 year old booklovers), listen to the radio in the car. This is why Book Depository chose radio as one of the key media channels to drive their messaging.


Aside from the high audience penetration, radio provided a great platform for delivering a humorous message in their “if you’re into it, we have a book on it” campaign.

There were multiple different variations of the ad, each with a different character who had found a book on their unusual interest on Book Depository, and had taken that interest a little too far.

These played across most Auckland radio stations for a period of two weeks, supplemented with a promotional competition on The Breeze.

Listen to the audio:


Overall the campaign was a huge success and they increased their number of new customers by 28% versus pre-campaign. The right mix of witty creative and strategic targeting using research and insights helped deliver great results.


New customers versus pre-campaign