A station promotion is not always the best option. This is an opportunity for clients to promote their promotion, drive people to their website/instore with no need for a giveaway.

Previously sold “Breakouts” – effective but had limitations eg only one announcer, not guaranteed to play during their show, but the new Announcer Reads - a live read ad done in a conversational style by the announcer or set of announcers during their show.


  • Available on the following MediaWorks stations: Rock, Edge, Mai, Sound, George, Magic, More & Breeze
  • They are 30" seconds long.  
  • Must be written in the style and tone of the station / announcers.  Clients can review scripts for accuracy. 
  • Available at specified times throughout the day.
  • They can only be bought at a network level.
  • TRB will check with the stations regarding host availability.
  • The client must provide the scripts or copy pointers (approximately 75 words per 30") 5 working days prior to the on air date. 
  • TRB will liaise with the stations/host to vet the copy and approve the script.

MediaWorks stations



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