Put your brand in the headlines with The Hits or or Mix98.2

Advert placement on The Hits or Mix98.2’s news reports is your opportunity to align your brand with this trusted and reliable listener information

•Each Headliner is a 15 second credit for your brand name and message

•Own The Hits or Mix98.2’s News, Sport and Weather

•Played at top of the hour –prime time

•Pre-recorded in the style of the station


The client needs to supply:

  • Key numbers and instructions to TRB by 10am the day prior to broadcast.
  • MP3 audio to TRB by 1pm the day prior to broadcast.  TRB will dispatch audio to the stations.
  • TRB can get creative produced based on either scripts or copy pointers, however this will require a minimum of two days notice before air date. 
  • Copy will not air without client approval.