Boost is a set of packages that increases the reach of your campaign. They are a national product that places 20 x 30" spots on a mix of MediaWorks brands Monday to Sunday.


  • There are three Boost options available with the station number varying from 129-153
  • No flexibility on spot laydown

The client needs to supply:

  • Key numbers and instructions to TRB by 10am the weekday prior to broadcast
  • MP3 audio to TRB by 1pm the weekday prior to broadcast. TRB will dispatch audio to the stations
  • TRB can get creative produced based on either scripts or copy pointers, however this will require a minimum of two days notice before air date
  • Copy will not air without client approval
Boost 1

153 stations in total

Boost 2

132 stations in total

Boost 3

129 stations in total

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