What is a Radio Survey?

Information is king. In order to stay ahead of trends and plan the smartest campaigns, access to the latest facts and figures is crucial. GfK’s New Zealand radio market surveys produce invaluable industry data on everything from listening trends, listener profiles and switching patterns, to station and major individual show profiles, audience share breakdowns, and reach and frequency projections.

For more information about methodology and sampling visit the GfK website here.

Source: GfK RAM, S2/21, Total NZ, People 10+, Mon-Sun 12mn-12mn (Unless otherwise stated). All figures are based on commercial radio unless otherwise stated.

Key Definitions

Station Share: The percentage of all radio listening that is done to a station over a week; it takes into account the number of people listening and how long they listen.

Cumulative Audience: The theoretical maximum audience that a station can reach. Cume is the total number of different listeners who tune in to a radio station for at least 8 minutes within a daypart during the week.

Average Audience: The average number of listeners you will reach in any given quarter hour of the station and time zone selected.

40 Week Survey Period

Surveys are undertaken for 40 weeks of each calendar year, with four survey releases annually for Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, as well as the 10 regional markets.

Random Data Collection

Survey data is gathered via diaries, which are delivered to randomly selected households, and are designed to capture the listening habits and lifestyle information (e.g. age, income) of each respondent.

Refined into relevant insights

We are experts at turning the final survey data into meaningful and actionable insights, and look forward to sharing the results with you as part of our planning, booking and billing service.

NZ Commercial Radio Listenership Statistics (10+ Cume - 000's)


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