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NZ Radio Station Matrix

The station matrix offers a glimpse of where each radio station sits demographically. It’s an excellent snapshot of the industry, and will help you decide which stations your audience is likely to listen to. Each radio brand occupies a unique space in the New Zealand radio market – which gives you an invaluable opportunity to specifically target your desired demographic.

Advertisement Material Deadlines

  • KEY NUMBER DEADLINE: 10am prior to go-live date (excluding Sunday or Monday go-lives which are due Friday 10am)
  • MATERIAL DEADLINE: 1pm prior to go-live date (excluding Sunday or Monday go-lives which are due Friday 1pm)
  • LONG WEEKEND DEADLINES: Same as regular deadlines except Tuesday go-lives also need to be in by Friday.

Technical Specifications

  • FILE FORMAT: Must be in mp3 format. 
  • BIT RATE: 320bit
  • AD LENGTH: Must be exactly 15, 30 or 45 seconds long.

Call-out Fees

Call out fees apply if you need to change out creative outside of business hours when your campaign is already on-air/live or due to go live the following day. The call out fee amounts are below, though there are a few exceptions e.g. natural disasters or if the change out of creative includes a significant up-weight in radio activity. If you need further information in regards to call-out fees please contact us/your Account Director to help clarify.

$200 – TRB
$350 – NZME
$250 – MediaWorks