People trust and respond best to product and service recommendations from friends. Adlibs are great at delivering this friendly advice through its DJ's. They are experts at talking about a product or service in a way that makes it seem like they're genuinely discussing something that they've discovered themselves. Adlibs are also often used to create hype and excitement around client promotions.

Network Adlibs and Local Live Events available (1 per show); playing First In Break in the available time slot


Available on the following NZME stations: The Hits, Coast, Newstalk ZB (called Live Events and subject to approval), Radio Sport, Hokonui, Flava, Mix, ZM and Hauraki

Adlibs are 30" or 60" seconds long and are created based on bullet points received from advertisers. 

Most stations will offer adlibs across all day parts, however will tend to limit 1 ad-lib per show.

The adlib must be written in the third person and cannot use 'I'.  The announcer will not personally endorse the product.

TRB will check with the stations regarding host availability.

The client must provide the scripts or copy pointers (approximately 75 words per 30") 2 days prior to the on air date.

TRB will liaise with the stations/host to vet the copy and approve the script.

30" or 60"

Seconds long


Words per 30"

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