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Radio Reflects An Ever-Evolving Aotearoa

date 3rd March 2023
user Post by Sheridan Hill

As the 2023 census approaches, it’s timely to remember that commercial radio provides an excellent opportunity to reach the diverse and ever-evolving population of Aotearoa.

Recent statistics show that 3.39 million Kiwis listen to commercial radio each week. Within this figure, radio boasts a weekly reach of 66% of people aged 10-24, 73% of people aged 18-39, 78% of people aged 25-54, and 79% of people aged 46-64.

Commercial radio reflects the countries multi-cultural heritage, with listenership made up of 58% NZ Europeans, 13% Māori, 8% Pacific Islander, 5% Indian, 4% Chinese, and 10% other European and Asian ethnicities. By advertising on commercial radio, all these Kiwis can be reached, and messages can be translated into multiple languages.

Listenership by Ethnicity

While 74% of listeners reside in the five major metropolitan areas of Auckland, Waikato, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin, 26% of listeners live in regional locations. Radio proudly serves all corners of the country and remains a vital media, as evidenced by recent cyclone coverage, where in some instances radio was the only available source of news.

New Zealand has more radio frequencies per capita than any other country in the world. Our range of brands each have a band of loyal listeners, giving advertisers a unique platform to tailor stories to specific target audiences. Learn more about brands and audiences here.

Commercial radio remains a reliable and effective medium for reaching a diverse and engaged audience. For advertisers looking to maximize their reach and impact, commercial radio in New Zealand is an excellent choice.

Speak to The Radio Bureau about how these insights can be leveraged in your next campaign.

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