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Vox Pops: Does Radio Advertising Influence Purchasing Decisions?

date 3rd June 2020
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TRB are big believers in utilising insights to create effective radio advertising campaigns. From online resources for agencies to the extensive knowledge of our planners, we know exactly how to reach audiences and generate cut through for your brand.

However, we also know that sometimes it can be difficult to picture the actual consumer from the statistic, which is why we took to the streets of Auckland to talk to real listeners about how they engage with radio - and your advertising.

In the series shot earlier this year (pre COVID-19) we found out what remained top of mind for listeners, long after they took off their headphones:

While many purchasing decisions are made by the subconscious mind, we found that respondents could actively recall at least one time that they had made a direct action based on a radio advertisement they had heard. One young listener had in fact changed their bank because of an on air branding campaign.

Some familiar favourites rang out as the most memorable ads for respondents. Jingles, strong audio logos and ads supported by a high frequency campaign all scored highly for spontaneous ad recall.

Talk to The Radio Bureau about harnessing these insights in your next campaign.

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