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Vox Pops: Do Listeners Change Station During The Ads?

date 22nd June 2020
user Post by Sheridan Hill

TRB are big believers in utilising insights to create effective radio advertising campaigns. From online resources for agencies to the extensive knowledge of our planners, we know exactly how to reach audiences and generate cut through for your brand.

However, we also know that sometimes it can be difficult to picture the actual consumer from the statistic, which is why we took to the streets of Auckland to talk to real listeners about how they engage with radio - and your advertising.

In parts three and four of the series shot earlier this year (pre COVID-19), we set out to further understand the listening habits of Aucklanders:

It's common knowledge that radio is an advertising channel with very low ad avoidance. There is no ad blocker for radio, you can’t fast forward, nor can you pay a monthly fee to skip ad breaks (like some streaming services). The only way audiences can disengage with radio ads is by changing the station or turning off completely. Of those we surveyed, largely they did neither.

So if they don't change stations during the ads, does that mean they keep tuned to just one station? Not necessarily. While listeners may have a favourite radio station, in most cases they like to surf between a few that suit their musical tastes, life stages and sense of humour. In conjunction with our planners optimizing schedules for reach and frequency, this information provides a good indication that often having a multi-station campaign across both network and independents is going to increase the amount of times in which your ad is heard by a single listener.

Talk to The Radio Bureau about applying these insights to your next campaign.

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