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Accurate Traffic

For Aucklanders knowing what the traffic is doing is as important as flossing! When our listeners hear a traffic report they drop everything and tune in. Accurate Traffic is a pre-recorded credit leading into and out of the Auckland traffic news. It's split into packages of 38 traffic reports in one week, broadcast across 7 Mediaworks stations in Auckland and Radio Tarana.


  • Sponsors receive a 5 word credit at the start of each report and 15 word credit at the end of each report spoken by the presenter.
  • Credits can be changed daily.¬†
  • Sponsors can run different messages on different stations and at different times throughout the day.
  • Credits can be changed within 24 hours notice.

Accurate Traffic advertising is only available within AUCKLAND CITY.


traffic reports in one week


Mediaworks stations and on Radio Tarana

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