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2022 Radio Device Insights Report

date 3rd August 2022
user Post by Sheridan Hill

The annual radio device insights report conducted by GfK and the Radio Broadcasters Association (RBA) has been released.

Utilising data from the S1 2022 Radio Ratings, the insights show that 86.1% of all radio listening is taking place via AM/FM radio, with 6.4% streaming on mobile phones, 3.4% on PC/laptop and 4% accessing radio via TV or other.

2022 Device Profiles

The age brackets of the listeners show that these more modern means of device listening are being used by younger audiences.

Place of listening graphs demonstrate the expected drive time peaks and troughs for the Monday-Friday commute, with early morning and late afternoons spiking for in car listening. This chart also shows the increased strength of at home listeners across all day parts (bolstered by the recent lockdowns and Work From Home trend) as well as steady workplace listening between 9am-5pm.

2022 Place of Listening

A comparison of place of listening further strengthens the story for workplace listeners, with a greater average time spent listening than car and home.

Place of Listening Comparison

These results uphold our view that an effective radio advertising campaign should incorporate a mix of multiple day parts and listening channels. It’s also a key reminder for creatives to understand the multiple contexts in which listeners will hear advertising across the day.

Contact us about what these insights mean for your brand and to see the full report.

*Please note this information was collected as part of S1 2022 sampling. Metro: Sun Aug 29 to Sat Nov 6 2021 & Sun Jan 30 to Sat Apr 9 2022 / Regional: Sun Apr 11 to Sat Nov 6 2021 & Sun Jan 30 to Sat Apr 9 2022 *Auckland, Northland, Tauranga & Waikato Wave 1 field dates Sun Feb 13 to Sat Apr 9 2022.

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