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Fusion of Radio Currency Data With Audience Insights

date 22nd November 2021
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Today Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) announced an exciting new venture in collaboration with New Zealand’s Radio Broadcasters Association to fuse radio currency data with the in-depth audience insights available in Nielsen’s Consumer & Media Insights (CMI) data. This enables a richer profiling of radio target audiences, ranging from what they consume, their purchase intention, cross-media engagement, to their diverse lifestyle and attitudes.

This announcement is a New Zealand industry first for radio data and will be delivered on 25 November 2021 in Nielsen Consumer Media Insights (CMI).

The inclusion of the fused radio currency will provide agencies, media owners, and advertisers with average and cumulative audience insights for 13 markets across New Zealand, eight dayparts, and more than 20 National radio brands.

Tony Boyte, Executive Director of Nielsen New Zealand, said: “Nielsen is ready to take audience media planning to the next level. We are thrilled to offer, for the first time, high quality fusion of radio currency data with CMI, providing a greater understanding of New Zealand radio audiences' increasingly unique and diverse attitudes, consumption preferences, and purchase intentions. Nielsen has a long history of also fusing TV Audience Measurement and Online Ratings with CMI to support marketers’ media planning decisions.”

Jana Rangooni, CEO of the Radio Broadcasters Association said: “This fusion of radio currency audiences and Nielsen CMI further strengthens radio’s relevance and value in the New Zealand advertising market. It ensures that radio measurement is extended with profiling from CMI that is a differentiator for planners and buyers”.

Peter Richardson, General Manager of The Radio Bureau said “The GfK surveys, which are in the market 40 weeks of the year, provide up-to-date, quality radio listening data. The fusion of this data into Nielsen’s CMI will help provide a more complete picture of media consumption in New Zealand, giving agencies opportunities for greater insights. The Radio Bureau is proud to have supported this initiative”.

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