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Vox Pops: Why Do People Listen To The Radio?

date 30th March 2021
user Post by Sheridan Hill

TRB are big believers in utilising insights to create effective radio advertising campaigns. From online resources for agencies to the extensive knowledge of our planners, we know exactly how to reach audiences and generate cut through for your brand.

However, we also know that sometimes it can be difficult to visualise the actual consumer from the statistic, which is why we took to the streets to gain a deeper understanding about the everyday radio listening habits of New Zealanders.

In a continuation of our 2020 series, ZM Nights Announcer Cam Mansel joined us to question Aucklanders about the key reasons they listen to and enjoy radio:

Though reasons for listening varied, a common thread was that those surveyed use radio as a means of being "in the know" with the latest news, music, information and entertainment.

In discussing their favourite parts of the medium, respondents rated the human aspect of "hearing people talk" highly. This aligned with the connectivity between announcer and listener covered in our breakfast session Tuning In To Radio's Highly Engaged Audiences.

Talk to The Radio Bureau about applying these insights to your next campaign.

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