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2023 Christmas Countdown

date 30th November 2023
user Post by TRB
2023 xmas card

It's time for our annual Christmas Countdown competition!

If you've received one of our Christmas Countdown Cards, come on over to our official Facebook page, @theradiobureau, to join in the fun! We'll announce the winners here, and on on our Facebook page each day.

Congratulations to our winners so far:

December 1
Grand prize: Hannah Rowley (MindShare)
Spot prizes: Sophie Chen (OMD Auckland) & Nicholas Young (Dentsu)

December 4
Grand prize: Spencer Moore (OMD Wellington)
Spot prizes: Fikri Razak (OMD Auckland) & Kelly Badland (PHD Media)

December 5
Grand prize: Grace Chittock (Publicis Media)
Spot prizes: Helen Brown (PHD Media) & Sian Kitchen (MBM)

December 6

Grand prize: Alexia Soulis (OMD Wellington)
Spot prizes: Gaby Johns (Dentsu) & Matt Whyte (EssenceMediacom)

December 7

Grand prize: Amy Greene (MBM)
Spot prizes: Finn Jelicich (FCB) & Mary Stella (TotalMedia)

December 8
Grand prize: Emma McMahon (Together)
Spot prizes: George McNaught (MBM) & Suzanne Breslin (OMD)

December 11
Grand prize: Laura Preston (PHD Media)
Spot prizes: Stephanie Walsh (Contagion) & Lauren Turner (EssenceMediacom)

December 12
Grand prize: Annabel Tietjen (Dentsu)
Spot prizes: Mel Shosanya (Together) & Ashley Williams (Hemisphere)

December 13
Grand prize: Megan Smith (Hearts & Science)
Spot prizes: Hannah Merritt (PHD Media) & Ashley Hekkens (FCB)

December 14
Grand prize: Adria Sell (PHD Media)
Spot prizes: Lisa Rainger (MBM) & Christine Min (MindShare)

December 15
Grand prize: Jack MacDonald (EssenceMediacom)
Spot prizes: Christina So (Mediabrands) & Nina Minogue (MBM)

December 18
Grand prize: Nina Radojkovic (Draft FCB)
Spot prizes: Katie Heslop (Hearts & Science) & Will Wallis (OMD)

Terms and conditions apply:

  • Each morning at 9am, we’ll explain the mechanic to enter on our Facebook page @theradiobureau.
  • We’ll announce the winner at 4pm on the same day.
  • We will endeavour to contact the winners of the main advertised prizes within 24 hours, and thereafter list them on our Facebook page and website.
  • We also have an array of spot prizes to share at our discretion.
  • Daily prize draws are only available on the specified day and via the entry mechanism described.
  • While we endeavour to fulfil each advertised prize, we reserve the right to exchange for a cash equivalent value.
  • If a prize winner has not responded within 48 hours of notification, we reserve the right to redraw.
  • We encourage participants to enter each day of the competition, though each individual is only eligible to win one major prize.
  • This competition is only open to staff of media agencies that TRB partners with. This competition is not open to the wider radio industry.
  • A prize winner may be required to provide proof that they received a TRB Christmas Countdown Card.
  • A prize winner may be required to provide a valid work email address and agency/company name.
  • This competition is not affiliated with any other brand or retailer.
  • Please be aware of scammers, take caution to confirm that communication is coming from the verified TRB account @theradiobureau, before you provide any mailing addresses or personal information.

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